The Old Parish Curch of Peebles
Guild of Friendship
The Guild of Friendship was formed over 50 years ago by Mrs Minnette Hamilton, wife of the minister at that time. It is a visiting service for members of the congregation who are unable to come to church, who are housebound, live alone, in hospital, in a nursing home or are unwell. It is a valuable service as it provides them with company and news of what's going on in our church and community. At present we have 33 visitors who visit 54 households We have three functions a year and an annual general meeting in December. In April we have a lunch out for all the visitors when we enjoy each others company, have a good meal and discuss forthcoming events. In May we have our only fundraising event which is a coffee morning. This is always very well attended and we are always very grateful for everybodys input. It is always a very happy occasion. The money we raise goes to our own funds and we give donations to the church and charity. . Our funds are used for flowers during the summer months for those who are ill or bereaved and Christmas gifts for those who are visited. In June we hold an afternoon tea party for those who are visited providing transport if needed. We are always grateful to the volunteer drivers. We have musical entertainment from a very talented group from our own church and is always very enjoyable. The afternoon is a very happy event as it gives the visitees a chance to get out and to meet up with old friends. If you feel you would like to be a visitor or know of any church member who would like a visitor please contact me through the website or at church.
The Convenor of the Guild is Elizabeth Fairless During the year she also maintains the flower rota and would really appreciate the names of any person you think should be having flowers. Thank you e-mail: