Life as  a socially distanced Choir member in the Old Parish Church

Choir Virtual Christmas Party 2020
Peebles Old Parish Church Choir is an Institution within an Institution. From well outwith the living memory of even its oldest members it has introduced the services, led the hymn singing, sung anthems and entertained those entering the walls of the church with quality music.
Anne Derrick (chief bellringer) has been a member all her adult life and is the third generation to do so following in the footsteps of her mother and her grandmother. Anne says “It’s been such a privilege – and such fun too! The musical experience of singing quality music in harmony with a bunch of other like-minded people is so rewarding and the fact that we do so as an important part of Sunday worship makes it even more meaningful, both for us as singers and for the members of the congregation”.
Many members have a similar story – listen to the conversation below.
Margaret and Ronald Ireland in conversation
However, it is not a stuffy or exclusive club for just Peebles folk. Whilst the current webmaster and his wife are considered newcomers with only 15 years service the latest recruit has been with the choir for only a very short time and is already an established and welcome participant.
But, times are not normal and the choir no longer meets on a Thursday evening in the Song School to rehearse nor on a Sunday morning to lead the hymns. However it does meet every Thursday at the usual time using Zoom (see the photo above} and has a session led by Sarah Brown our Musical Director and organist.
Sarah, as organist, contributes regularly to the digital worship. Choir members have also contributed either as an instrumentalist or as a vocal soloist. However the choir is back in business as well. It is preparing socially distanced performances through home recording. The first, which is in the Harvest Sunday Service is given below. Watch out for more!