Lenten Study Course



Lent is traditionally a season when Christians take time to re-examine what it  means to be a follower of Christ. In the Early Church. Lent was a time of  preparation for those who were to be baptised at Easter. 

Our Lent Study this year will consist of three sessions studying The Beatitudes  from Matthew’s gospel. The Beatitudes are about the characteristics of the  children of the heavenly Father., the children of the Kingdom. The supreme role  model is Jesus Christ himself. 

And it is Jesus himself whose life gives us a commentary on these promises of  blessing. 

I would be delighted if you would join me in this exploration. Each of the three  sessions will be taking place on Zoom. If you would like to, please register using the form below to ensure that you get the joining instructions.  

The Sessions are on the 24th February, the 10th March and the 24th March  all from 7:00 till 8:00 pm  

John R Smith. Locum Minister