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18th January 2022

Stobo and Drumelzier Services Preaching Schedule February 2022

 6th February          The Rev Calum Macdougall                  

13th February          The Rev Aftab Gohar

20th February           Julian Birchall (Worship Workshop)

27th February          The Rev Aftab Gohar

Stobo and Drumelzier Services Preaching Schedule January 2022

2nd January   The Rev. Aftab Gohar

9th January    Peter Worthington (Worship Workshop)

16th January The Rev Aftab Gohar

23rd January  The Rev Bev Gould

30th January The Rev Aftab Gohar

Stobo and Drumelzier Services Preaching Schedule November 2021

Stobo 11.30 am

Nov 7th         Linda Hill

Nov 14th       Rev.Pamela Strachan – Remembrance Day Service

Nov 21st       Dr Fiona Burnett

Nov 28th       Isobel Hunter


Nov 11th                 The Very Rev. David Arnott 6.30 pm Service of Remembrance

29th October 2021


(Eddleston, Peebles:Old, Stobo & Drumelzier)

Stobo and Drumelzier Parish Church of Scotland. (SC001866)

October 29th 2021

Dear Friends,

On Sunday 24th October, 2021, the Rev Aftab Gohar preached as Sole Nominee for the vacancy of Eddleston, Peebles Old and Stobo and Drumezlier parishes, in Peebles Old Parish Church.  Following a vote, the Rev Aftab Gohar accepted the invitation to be our minister.

We are now asking members of our congregations to sign papers in support of the Rev Aftab Gohar’s appointment.

The Call

The Call can be signed by anyone on the electoral register or congregational roll – even if you did not attend last week’s service. It is a way of showing both our welcome and support to Aftab as our new minister and we strongly encourage as many people as possible to do this, in addition to you having voted.

A Paper of Concurrence

The second paper – A Paper of Concurrence- is for anyone in the community who is not on our church rolls but who would also like to show this welcome and support to the new minister. 

The papers will be available to sign in church after the services on Sunday 31st October and Sunday 7th November.  If you are unable to come to the services, the church will be open every day during the week beginning 31st October until 7th November for anyone in the congregation or community to come and sign the appropriate paper. The papers will be placed in the vestry at Stobo Kirk.  We will publicise these church openings but please let as many people as possible know about this.

 It would be very encouraging for the Rev Aftab Gohar to know that he is being warmly welcomed by the whole community of Stobo and Drumelzier.

If you would like any further information please contact Jane Gillham on or 01721 720910

The Kirk Session of Stobo and Drumelzier

26th July 2021

Stobo Kirk Preaching Schedule from August to October 2021

August 1              The Very Rev David Arnott

August   8             The Rev John Smith

August 15            Fiona Burnett

August 22            The Rev Pamela Strachan

August 29            The Rev John Smith

September 5      The Rev John Smith

 September 12   The Rev Hugh Davidson

 September 19   The Rev John Smith

 September 26   The Rev Calum Macdougall

October 3rd       Harvest Thanksgiving/Pet Service

21st July 2021

Festival of Music and Flowers

A New Beginning

The plans for a Music and Flower Festival scheduled for April 2020 which had to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, are now being re-launched.

A new committee of representatives from Peebles Old, Eddleston and Stobo and Drumelzier has been formed.  The festival will be held as a memorial to Lorraine Mulholland, Session Clerk at Eddleston Church, who was involved in the planning of the original festival.

Members of the committee will be contacting local musicians, choirs and musical groups as well as flower arrangers and we will also be welcoming offers of help to provide afternoon teas in Stobo and Eddleston.

While plans are at a very early stage, it is hoped that a musical event will be held in Peebles Old Church on Friday evening, 22nd April 2022, followed by performances by local musicians at Stobo, Drumelzier and Eddleston churches on Saturday, 23rd April and Sunday 24th April. 

21st July 2021



Repairs have been carried out to the roof of Stobo Kirk and to the wall around a memorial at the east end of the church


A large piece of harling has been dislodged from a gable end of Drumelzier Kirk.  Repairs have been arranged and should take place during the Autumn.

Improving the Eco-diversity of Stobo Kirkyard

When Neil Cummings, Eco-diversity Co-ordinator, was invited to contribute to our Harvest Thanksgiving service in 2020, he spoke on the subject of Caring for God’s Creation. As a result of his thought provoking presentation, the Kirk Session of Stobo and Drumelzier invited Neil to help improve the eco-diversity of Stobo Kirkyard. Neil has planted wild flower seeds alongside a strip of grass which the Council had left un-mown due to the presence of daffodils. He says that these should start to flower around the second half of August and continue flowering into October.

We would like to encourage the growth of wild flowers in the older parts of the Kirkyard and would like the Council to continue to mow the areas where more recent graves are located in order to allow easy access for visitors and for funerals.

Monthly Coffee Mornings

It is hoped to re-start the monthly Community Coffee Mornings in late summer/early autumn, Covid restrictions permitting of course. Watch this space.