Nominating Committee Members

An announcement from our Interim Moderator

22nd April 2021

The Nominating Committee is :

Andrew Campbell (S/D)

Marjory Cassells (PO)

Graeme Coulthard (PO)

Janette Dunlop (E)

Fiona Fleming (PO) Convener

Rachael Forsyth (PO)

Jane Gillham (S/D)

Andrew Henthorn (PO) Vice – Convener

Louise Horrell (E) Clerk

Rosalind Kerr (S/D)

Karen Ritchie (PO)

Archie Smellie (E)

Ian Thorburn (PO)

Pamela Strachan 

Interim Moderator

The whole process of finding a new minister can seem a bit confusing, even mysterious. However, if you wish to know more, the best way is to visit the Church of Scotland website. There is a lot to read and there are further links, but it is all there!