Nominating Committee Members

An announcement from our Interim Moderator

22nd April 2021

The Nominating Committee is :

Andrew Campbell (S/D)

Marjory Cassells (PO)

Graeme Coulthard (PO)

Janette Dunlop (E)

Fiona Fleming (PO) Convener

Rachael Forsyth (PO)

Jane Gillham (S/D)

Andrew Henthorn (PO) Vice – Convener

Louise Horrell (E) Clerk

Rosalind Kerr (S/D)

Karen Ritchie (PO)

Archie Smellie (E)

Ian Thorburn (PO)

Pamela Strachan 

Interim Moderator

The whole process of finding a new minister can seem a bit confusing, even mysterious. However, if you wish to know more, the best way is to visit the Church of Scotland website. There is a lot to read and there are further links, but it is all there!


The Vacancy Matters feature on TOPCOP will keep you all up to date on how this is progressing. We hope to provide, photographs and short bios of each of the members shortly, so come back.