Worship Pre -Covid

Worship in Peebles Old Parish Church pre-Covid, i.e. prior to March 2020, followed a pretty traditional formal pattern.

Sunday Morning Services would start at 10am. The service normally opened with the choir singing an introit followed by the familiar format of prayers, hymns and Scripture reading by congregation members and with the choir, again, contributing an anthem.. A sermon was preached by the minister from the pulpit. This service was followed by a chance to have “coffee tea and juice and a chat” in the MacFarlane Hall. Attendance at these Sunday services just before lockdown would probably be between 50 and 70 persons. The only modern technologies in use were a PA system and and a Powerpoint presentation of the Order of Service and hymn lyrics on two screens; one each side of the chancel – see photo above and video below.

Short video of choir rehearsing before a service

Breakfast Church took place on some Sundays (no fixed schedule). These were services held in the in the MacFarlane Hall rather than the sanctuary. A breakfast of bacon rolls and coffee or tea was offered at 9:30 am. This was followed by a more informal style of service at 10am generally led by congregation members and guest speakers.

Sunday School or any other form of worship for children has not been in place in Peebles Old for a number of years.

Communion was celebrated on the last Sunday of January, April and October

Short Morning Services were held daily (except Sunday) also at 10am. These consisted of a Scripture reading, a hymn (unaccompanied) and prayers. Attendance was in the region of 6 to 8.

What will it be like after this is all over? Well, that is anyone’s guess, but it will not be what it was like before March 2020.